Sphynx Elf breed history

Elf cats are of US origin. In 2006 in the United States a breeder Karen Nelson and her friend Kristen Lied wanted to create something new, which ultimately proved to be the result of their long and experimental work. It was a new cat breed – Elf. The first representatives of the race emerged as a result of frequent crossings between two breeds of domestic cats. The result – an Elf cat is something between the American curl and the sphinx, which are considered the ancestors of the breed. The name of the breed comes from an unusual appearance and, more specifically, from the curled ears.

The main feature of this breed are unusual ears – wide at the base, but tapered and gently arched at their ends. The eyes of Elf cats are nut-shaped and are located slightly at an angle of their muzzle. Their body is medium-sized. Elves are born bald, except for those who may have single hairs on their extremities, such as the legs, the tail and the ears. Their body is flexible and has a lot of wrinkles. Altough usually the cats do have whiskers and eyebrows, an interesting fact is that sometimes they may not emerge or even if they do, they emerge in a form of single, delicate hairs.

Elf cats are naturally very tender and likeable, they get along with all family members including children, even infants. Elves are very sociable and loving, they are intelligent and quickly find a common language with everyone.If you have a dog, they will soon find a way to approach it. The representatives of this special breed want to participate in all the owner’s matters and activities, because they have a natural curiosity. Besides, elf cats adore sleeping with their masters, as they like feeling warmth and comfort. 

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